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Marketing Research Coach

If you want to go somewhere you need to know where you stand today and how to get there. Otherwise every path is probably “OK”. With the right market research you are able to decide which segments are the most interesting for you. Which groups to target, how to position your products and services and develop winning customer value propositions based on the needs of your customers. This requires hard work upfront. You need to know 5 key research insights as a basic starting point:

  • Customers What do they want? Who can we give them a reason to buy?
  • Company What are you good in, best in the world, passionate about, can make money with, realize a competitive advantage?
  • Competition What is the competition doing, what is their competitive advantage, are they making the market or just watching?
  • Collaborators Particularly in B2B having the right partners is essential, with whom to team up and realize through co-creation a new level?
  • Context If you know and understand what’s happening in the market, how things are changing, you are able to make better decisions.

With these 5 basic insights you can start executing your segmentation, targeting and positioning in a professional way. But are you “ready” and can you stop with market research? No, the next step is that you create and deliver value by executing your marketing P’s or C’s. For this you need research insights what’s best to do what how where and when. And after this stage you want to capture and sustain value through customer acquisition and retention, earn some money. In every step market research we can help you to optimize your decisions. We know the business of market research, understand what you need when and how to interpret information and change this into valuable knowledge. But also which market research specialists best fit with your needs. No more “nice to know” reports, but actionable research results. In combination with your personal market gut feeling this is the best possible solution we can offer you to develop distinctive offerings to your customers.

We guide you through the whole process of selecting a competent partner, purchasing only the “need to have” research and bringing you more “bang for the buck” without paying extra for our market research advise services. Our revenue comes from the extra purchase advantage we realize because we know the market in-depth (fixed 5% commission on your market research purchase price) and the eventual support you require in next step stages.


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